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Business Law

Small businesses are the backbone of America. Debbie is uniquely suited to help you with all your small business legal matters.

Her undergraduate degree is in Business; and, while owning a small business herself, she understands the many concerns and challenges of operating a small business. She is committed to serving the needs of your business or organization even prior to legal formation.

Critical decisions you make when you are developing your business plan may have a significant impact on profits over succeeding years.

Your choice of business entity will determine the extent to which you are exposed to personal risk for business activities. Debbie will advise you on the risks and opportunities involved in forming a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, C-corporation, S-corporation, sole proprietorship, and other business forms.

Developing a solid relationship with an attorney can help alleviate mistakes, save time and provide you with the freedom to actually run the business you love and give you peace of mind that all the details are managed with respect to legal matters.

Debbie offers everything from an advice only consult to formation of your business entity, as well as a la carte assistance with matters that arise during the course of the business that require legal expertise.

Debbie has relationships with accountants, financial advisers, insurance companies and other professionals that she can direct you to in the area if needed to save you time in locating the service or professional that you need for your specific needs.

Business Law